Learn how to start your own fashion blog

Fashion is a topic that everyone is interested in, albeit to varying degrees. Most of us wear clothes every day, suggesting we do at least care a little about fashion. But, some of us find fashion and clothing design to be an artform. If you’re part of the latter and itching to get involved in that world, blogging is a great way to dip your toes in.

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Pick your niche

Fashion blogging is a saturated market, so picking a specific style or category, or presenting it in a unique way, will help you attract viewers and followers. So, instead of blogging about a broad category like designer looks for bargain prices, zoom in on a certain designer (Looking like a Givenchy Model by Shopping at Thrift Stores), or a certain store (Upscale Designer Styles You Can Find on Kmart Racks). A fashion blog focused on the way clothing feels for fashion lovers who are visually-impaired or have touch sensitivities. The point is, don’t write what everyone else is writing, unless you can put an interesting spin on the content.

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Consider your current interests & knowledge – do you have an affinity for a particular decade or era (1920s flappers will never not be glamorous)? Or maybe you have experience accessorizing outfits in a cool way? Mixing patterns and playing with color could also be your focus. Basically, pull inspiration from your life and your favorite things and work from there. Make sure to pick a topic you love, because running a successful blog is hard work.


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Create valuable content

Whatever category or niche you pick, be sure you know what you’re talking about. You want to ensure your voice is one people will trust and seek out. You can do this by absorbing as much knowledge about your topic as you can. You want to be an expert within your niche. Find popular and emerging designers, current trends and predicted hot styles, and people who embody the fashion imagery you admire.

You should also know your audience. Who is the ideal reader of your blog? Once you know the type of person you want to attract to your content, it will be easier to create that content. Is your target audience a chic professional, a quirky trailblazer, or maybe a combination of the two (Let’s not forget that people rarely fit into neat categories – we can be all things at once!). Just keep that person in mind when you’re coming up with content for your blog.

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Explore your web options

There are many sites that offer web designs or templates for free. Using these sites lets you create an attractive, professional looking blog without investing large amounts of time or money. Since you will want to be able to feature clothing looks and styles, opt for a template that lets you include plenty of pictures.

Expanding your web presence through social media sites is a great way to reach your potential audience. Instagram and Pinterest are both image-heavy platforms, perfect for a focus on fashion. Snapchat, TikTok, and Flickr also rely on visuals for their users. Use as many as you can handle, just remember to keep your posts and pictures fresh and relevant. Include links to each of your social media profiles on your website. You can also make YouTube videos like tutorials or montages of favorite celebrity fashions. Get creative and forget about the adage to think outside the box, just realize that there is no box at all.

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Start blogging

The most basic and most difficult step is to just start writing your blog. Sounds easy, but it definitely isn’t. The blank page glowing on your screen, is it inviting you to create or is it taunting you? Whether you consider it a friend or foe, that empty space needs to be filled. Put fingers to keys and start typing; any sentences are better than no sentences. You can always go back and edit, so don’t stress over what your first draft sounds like. Let your personality shine through.

Being prepared is important, but don’t get lost in the planning. The most important thing to do is to just start, even if you don’t feel ready (Because let’s be honest, when was the last time we felt ready for any new challenge?). Be confident in what you have to offer the fashion blogging world. Go forth and make your mark!