Lipstick finishes that every woman should know

There is an entire world out there when it comes to makeup, and certainly lipstick. The thing is, there are many lipstick finishes out there, and they have a totally different effect depending on the look and style you’re going for. After all, you would notice if you’re trying to have something luscious and glossy, and you end up with something matte. So here are the lipstick finishes you should know about and why.

Matte finish

Let’s start with matte. Matte has really come into its own in the last few years, and while we don’t exclusively have Kylie Jenner to thank, she has been a massive part in the style taking off. Anyone remember the Kylie Jenner lip challenge? Matte is a full-coverage style, leaving no trace of your previous lip behind, it pops, and it works. If you want your lipstick to stick and be super long-lasting then this is a fantastic option. Not to mention that you get a non-shiny matte finish, which people are loving right now. However, if you’re the kind of person who has dry lips or suffers from chapped lips, then it doesn’t help, because it tends to dry out rather than moisturize. Looks awesome, though.

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Satin finish

You can probably tell that this is basically the polar opposite of matte. It’s moist, and it’s rich, it also offers somewhere between a medium and full coverage. To determine whether it’s as intense as you want, then you will need to do a patch test. This is an excellent option if you have dry lips as it’s moist and fairly nourishing. You will probably find more lipsticks with a satin finish than any other finish, making it likely to be the most common finish on the market.

Frost finish

This is if you’re going for something specific. We’re talking about the kind of metallic finish on a lipstick, although it tends to use pale pigments. It’s pale and has a drier finish to the look. It depends on which kind of frost lipstick you go for, as many have developed a creamier look and style.

Gloss finish

We’re looking at nothing too rich and a light layer of gloss. It was extremely popular back in the 90s and is by no means out of fashion today. You can layer your lips with a glitter of color, keeping it light and easy. It’s an easier way of adding a touch of color without going the whole hog. If you ever need something fast with no hassle, then gloss is your best bet.

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Lip liner

We can’t mention lipstick finishes and not mention lipstick liner. This is an unmissable addition to your routine if you’re loving lipsticks at the moment. You can use this to make your lips appear fuller as well as preventing your lipstick or lipgloss from spreading from your lips onto your skin. It’s also a way of making your lipstick much more vibrant, making the appearance much more effective overall.

Sheer finish

You can get a sheer finish if you get yourself a nourishing and moisturizing pigmented balm. It’s a simple wash of color, adding gloss and shine to your overall finish. It’s somewhere between cream lipstick and gloss.

Now you have a better idea of lipstick finishes you can go out there and decide which one is best for you. Happy lipstick hunting!

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