How to pick the perfect lipstick for you

Lipstick first appeared around five thousands years ago with women grinding up precious gems and using the dust to decorate their lips. The first commercially produced lipstick came out of France in the year 1884. Fast forward to 2020 and the lipstick industry shows no signs of slowing down. With so many shades, formulas, and finishes to choose from, how do you know what is the perfect lipstick for you? Whether it be your very first tube or another to add to your growing collection, the following factors are just a few, but still important in making your decision: your lifestyle, your complexion, lip hydration, and cost. With so many different types of products being constantly advertised on social media by influencers and by beauty gurus, it can get a little frustrating and certainly daunting. Your search should have you wondering what is best for you, best for the look you are trying to achieve, and especially best for your wallet. These are just some of the elements you can look into to make your lipstick choosing adventure a little easier.

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Have an idea of what you are looking for

Just a few words you’ll run into are: moisturizing, glossy, long lasting, and matte. Take those into consideration before making your purchase. Before you’re overwhelmed or spend more time than you intended trying to see all your options, it’s important to keep your lifestyle in mind. Are you the type of person with a busy schedule and a professional look to maintain? Opt for a long wearing lipstick that won’t wear out on you before lunch. Looking for a lipstick to go with your everyday look without going over the top, look for shades that are more neutral or a nude shade. A helpful tool is knowing what your skin’s undertone is and how it pairs well with your skin tone. Your undertone is simply the hue that comes through from beneath your skin’s surface, whether it be cool, warm, or neutral. A simple Google search can provide you with a chart to help you narrow down to a few shades to choose from that will complement you. For example, if you have medium skin tone with warm undertones, then a deep nude tone or even a copper would be right up your alley.

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What is the occasion?

Headed to a party or a date with someone you want to dazzle? Choosing the perfect lipstick should also take into consideration the outfit you will be wearing. Think of your lipstick color as the final piece of the puzzle. Make sure you coordinate your outfit and that your lip color ties it all together. If you’re only looking for a color to wear casually every day, choose something that will be versatile and that you’ll be able to pull off with your regular work or school attire. Whatever the case, making the right choice could help give you the confidence you need to make a lasting impression.

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Keep your skin in mind

If the store you are browsing offers display samples, take advantage and swatch a few colors to see if one is the right fit for you. If you are unable to make the trip or have your reservations about using a product that is open to the public, spend some time on YouTube and search for reviews on a certain product you are eyeing. The internet is a treasure trove of reviews and could be the tool you need in making your choice. Your lips are also at the forefront of your face. They get a lot of sun exposure whether you like it or not. Lip balm almost always comes with a level of SPF, but did you know that some lipsticks do too? A lot of companies are aware of how important hydration is and include plenty of hydration in their formulas. Remember that keeping your lips moisturized is also important in keeping all types of lipstick looking good on your lips. Add a richly moisturizing lip balm or even a lip scrub to your arsenal as an added way to keep your lips hydrated in addition to your lipsticks.


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Confidence is key

If you are still unsure or feel like you haven’t been able to find the right shade to complement your skin or outfit, don’t be afraid to get experimental and mix shades. The key and your main focus when making your final choice (or choices) are that you feel confident in whatever choice you have made whether you’ve decided on a glossy bold red or a matte nude tone.

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