The most fashionable cities in the world

From Instagram feeds to glossy magazines, fashion dominates much of the global media landscape. Furthermore, fashion trends play a pivotal role in the representation of this media, from specific items adorned by Hollywood celebrities shaping the styles donned by local influencers, to popular color palettes filtering through said influencers’ social pages.

Many generally flock to New York and Paris for inspiration, but there has been a resurgence of fashion stemming from the cultural nuances that exist in other parts of the world. Destinations like Tokyo and Berlin have made waves in the fashion world particularly in providing distinct glimpses into the meaning of style, how it can be translated into clothing, and how it can push the boundaries of expectation. In this article, we will gaze into the world’s most fashionable cities to unearth the distinguished qualities that set these destinations apart.

For classy couture, check out: Paris, Milan, and Vienna


It is undeniable that Paris features on this list of fashionable cities. After all, it is the fashion capital of the world. Fashion is a pivotal component of Parisian culture and, beyond being an art and cultural hub, the city boasts the iconic Paris Fashion Week where the most renowned names in fashion such as Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent flaunt their fresh statements.

But classy couture is not limited to France and one only needs to fly a few short hours away to Italy and Austria to experience the tasteful elegance of their respective fashion capitals, Milan and Vienna. Legendary vogue names like Armani and Versace were born and raised in Milan and one can expect to see designers and fashionistas perusing the streets in stellar pieces. In Vienna and Austria, exalted style emanates across the Lindengasse fashion mile to a backdrop of a breathtaking historical city where opulence shines bright.

For street chic, go see: London, Barcelona, Berlin, and New York

Urban street design has and will always be a crucial component of London culture, being represented by the elaborate graffiti murals in Camden Town and on the chic independent runways of South Kensington and Chelsea. But accessible street-chic style is also spotlighted, albeit in a distinct way, across the globe in Barcelona, Berlin, and New York.


Barcelona’s vivid and vibrant clothing labels such as Zara and Desigual are an integral part of the city’s fashion-forward movement, with independent and boutique stalls serving as a gateway into the world of fashion for the locals. Over in Germany, Berlin breathes eccentric life into fashion thanks to a collection of recognized hipster fashion artists dominating the cultural scene and blending the city’s unique urban flair into their work.

New York is known for always being one step ahead of the game and this rings true with their fashion. It is a style Mecca built on the foundations of a trendsetting culture that incorporates elements of pure class with urban chic, making the fashion accessible and contemporary. Home to the famous New York Fashion Week, the city is a fashion force to be reckoned with.


For something out of the ordinary, head to: Tokyo, Seoul, Copenhagen, and Istanbul

If the staple European fashion flavor is not quite one’s temple, then look no further than Japan and South Korea. Their capital cities, Tokyo and Seoul respectively are home to some of the most unconventional and elaborate fashion houses borne from a love of pastiche. From the genre-bending fashion movements of Harajuku to the K-Pop inspired dazzling displays of clothing culture in South Korea, one will be blown away by the sheer audacity of these discerning stylistic choices.


In Denmark, Copenhagen continues to reveal a world where fashion knows no bounds through its unique Nordic-inspired bohemian movement that looks to strip down fashion to its most basic elements, crafting a minimal look that people around the globe are truly besotted with. Istanbul, Turkey, also expresses its minimalistic conventions in an unmistakable way that blends modern Western-inspired staples with iconic Turkish and Eastern-influenced accessories.

Whether you are searching for fashion’s finest looks, the modern street-chic flair, or something a little bolder, eccentric, and out of the ordinary then these cities will have your fashion needs covered.

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