How to organize your wardrobe to save time in the morning

There are many reasons to keep even the biggest closet organized, but perhaps the most motivating is the prospect of saving some precious time in the morning. Why is it that time seems to move a little faster when we’re trying to get out the door on time? The to-do list may be long when we rise to greet each day, but we’ve discovered a surefire way to carve out some “me time” each morning – an expertly organized closet.

How to organize your wardrobe to save time in the morning

Having lived the all-too-real morning struggle of searching endlessly for that one pair of tights, the perfect accessory combo, or the right combination of stylish and comfortable, we know way too well what a daunting task a closet overhaul can sound like. Little did we know that with some quick, space saving, and sensible solutions, we can have everything we need at just an arm’s length away. We kid you not. Not only is it totally gratifying to know exactly where to find what we’re looking for, it’s such a glorious added bonus to take full advantage of the time we shaved off by not stressing about what to put on and where to find it. That’s right, with a smart reworking of our storage system, our morning routine now allows for all kinds of potential goodness: we can squeeze in a quick workout, we can enjoy a cup of tea with the morning paper, or maybe we just want to slap that snooze button with a big smile, knowing we earned our extra slice of morning Zen.

Boxes, baskets, and bins

The best way to keep things where they belong and with like items, whether that be in a drawer, on a shelf, or on the floor, is the creative use of storage containers. These work great for all items, big and small, just as long as we keep our containers proportionate to what they’re housing. There is so much room for creativity in this fairly basic, but sometimes sanity saving storage and sorting strategy, but our favorite application of this tip is to use boxes, inside our drawers. This also works great for jewelry and accessories, which are best stored out on shelves or in shallow drawers. At last, gone are the days of rummaging around to no avail in search of our favorites in the bottom of a messy drawer, now that we’ve discovered the beauty of boxes. So simple, yet oh, so useful.

Multi-tasking tools

We used to think some items simply needed to occupy more space, but we’ve happily seen the error of our ways and realized there are many ways we can actually allow certain items to multitask, effectively carving out literal feet of extra space. Not only does this make it easier for us to see everything when making our selections, but it also gives the lovely clothes more room to breathe, thus extending their life spans. Win, win!

First, if you’re still using one hanger per pair of pants, it’s time to invest in some tiered hangers, which allow for several pairs to hang from just one hook. When we slide these nifty little hanging makeshift shelves onto the bar alongside a sleek set of felt, space saving hangers, suddenly we have a whole lot more exposed closet rack to work with.

How to organize your wardrobe to save time in the morning

When it’s cold outside, a scarf hanger can keep our neck warmers together in one small space, while still allowing us to view them all. Then when the seasons change, we can safely store them in a decorative trunk, along with any bulky coats we won’t be needing until winter comes again. Lastly, we upgraded our over-the-door coat rack to an over-the-door shoe bag, which is super handy for displaying every option with no digging required; it’s a total game changer. It’s amazing how big of a difference these dynamic tools have made.

Think ahead

An important thing to consider when aiming to save time in the morning is to handle as many tasks as we can ahead of time. This tip extends way beyond the wardrobe, as we all know what a relief it is to have our lunch already packed when we wake up in the morning. Well, the same logic applies to our outfits. And hey, if we want to take some extra time browsing our options to select a combination we absolutely love, it’s a thousand times more enjoyable to have our own little outfit-in-the-mirror movie montage moment the night before, when we aren’t so pressed for time.