Outfits that you can wear all year long

If you have an endless budget and a colossal amount of wardrobe space, you can easily swap out clothes every season like you’re living in the pages of a fashion magazine. The rest of us, however, can’t do that, and so we have to look for alternatives. As much as we love having a few new pieces every new season, it can really help to have some outfits that we love, that can be worn all year long.

Pinafore dress

We love a pinafore dress as the ultimate layering option that works from spring through winter. A light, short-sleeved t-shirt underneath in the warmer months, or layer up with thick-knitted tights and a long-sleeved roll-neck t-shirt underneath when the weather gets colder. This is a super cute outfit that can just as easily be worn to work, or for a walk around the Christmas markets.

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Ah jeans, is there anything they can’t do? Dress them up with heels and a cute blouse, wear them with Ugg boots and a cozy jumper, or rock a t-shirt, blazer, and sneakers – they are so versatile. Be sure to try a few pairs on to see which style, cut and color works best for you – mom fit, boyfriend jeans or classic skinny.

Midi skirt

A high-waisted or mid-rise pleated midi skirt is a really chic style, and the A-line cut is really flattering, especially for the curvier lady, as it creates an hour-glass figure. It can be worn with knee-high boots in the snow, or sandals on the beach, and either a cropped shirt or a vintage sweatshirt. Cold weather doesn’t have to mean looking frumpy, and this can add some real glam to your autumn/winter wardrobe.

T-shirt dress

A basic t-shirt dress is an absolute closet staple. Comfortable and light for everyday wear, but can be dressed up or down with various accessories, stylish hats, statement necklaces, and jackets. Get these in several colors and patterns as something easy to throw on, whether it’s a hot sunny day or a chilly fall morning.

Pleather skirt

A faux leather skirt is a gorgeous item to have in your closet as it works well as office wear or for a date, in any season. A blouse and pumps make it a really chic and stylish option for the office, and when the weather turns a bit colder, you can add tights and a blazer. In the summer, wear it on a day out with a light shirt and some wedges.

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A plaid button-down shirt

For some cute country vibes, you can’t get much better than a comfy flannel shirt. In the summer it’s an excellent cover-up for when the evenings get colder and you want to stay outside, or it can be tied up Daisy Duke style. It’s a fantastic option in fall to layer over a graphic tee with jeans or leggings.

So, instead of feeling the pressure to buy a whole new wardrobe every time the weather changes, just use these ideas to style some key pieces differently and save yourself a whole load of cash! Fast fashion is no longer in, well, fashion. Buying higher-quality, sustainably sourced items, rather than throw-away, cheaply made clothes, will serve you better in the long run and are better for the planet. So investing in outfits that can be worn all year long is the best option.

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