Everything you wanted to know about Lagom

There have been many lifestyle trends that have come and gone over the years, but there is one that looks set to stay: Lagom. It might not be long before everyone finds themselves living to the beat of a different drum, but just what is Lagom?

What is Lagom?

Lagom is a Swedish trend that has been gripping the nation for many years. It’s all about making sure you don’t have too much or too little of something and learn how to find the balance instead. It might sound tough, but there are plenty of simple changes that we can make to incorporate Lagom into our lives and become more balanced and calmer as a result.

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Keep things simple

Lagom is all about keeping things simple. This means it might be time to overhaul your closet or home decor to make sure you don’t have too much stuff cluttering up your life or that you have so few things that you don’t feel as though you are at home. Many people like to stick to statement pieces both in their closet and around the house to make sure they have everything they need without having to own too much.

Balance is key

Practicing Lagom is all about learning how to find the balance in your life. This applies to all aspects of every day. It’s vital to never work too much that you find yourself burned out while also making sure you don’t spend all of your time enjoying some free time rather than getting jobs done. The same goes for spending time with your family and friends as well as making time for yourself.

Enjoy the little things

If you want that slice of cake, then who’s stopping you? Just make sure that you balance your indulgences with other aspects of your life as well. The same goes for the little moments that can quickly pass us by before we realize it. When eating your food, make sure to savor every mouthful. When spending time with your friends and family, take in the atmosphere and their company. Those crunchy leaves under your feet and the feel of the sun on your skin are more beautiful than many of us appreciate.

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Make time for family

It can be easy to get caught up in the rest of our lives and forget to make time for our family. However, many people who practice Lagom make sure they spend at least one evening a week with their family. This is usually on a Friday. People bring all kinds of snacks and food along for the night to help fuel them through an evening of games and laughter.

Enjoy downtime

As well as making time for other people, it’s equally as important to find some time for yourself and to work on hobbies and passions that keep you ticking. Some of us are happy to spend the afternoon reading a book while others prefer to get out and about. As long as you make time to do what you like at least once a week, then you might soon find yourself learning how to balance the stress of the working week with time to unwind.

There are so many ways to incorporate Lagom into your life. The best bit? It might not be long before you start to feel all the benefits of this lifestyle.

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