How to pick the perfect romantic getaway

A relationship is basically a living organism – it needs to be nurtured to stay healthy. Nourishing your connection with each other is crucial and scheduling one-on-one time with your main squeeze is a win-win. The hectic nature of people’s lives makes it difficult to carve out dedicated time, but a couple’s trip, away from the everyday hassles and stress, can be revitalizing on a personal and a relationship level. Planning is key to a successful getaway. It can mean the difference between arguing your way through three miserable days stuck at a lodge you both hate and enjoying a long weekend of pure happiness reconnecting with the love of your life.

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What does romantic mean to you? Is it moonlit walks on the beach, cuddling up in a mountain cabin, or backpacking through a rainforest? The key to planning the perfect romantic getaway for you and your partner is identifying your idea of romance.

Choose a location

First and most importantly, decide where you want to go. What kind of couple are you? Do you love an adventure, or would you rather relax and get pampered? Are you history buffs, foodies, or nature lovers? Include activities that you’ll both enjoy, and if either of you have a travel or experience wish list, that would be a great place to start. Even if you decide to plan a relaxing vacation, try to sprinkle in a few new experiences, too. Doing something for the first time and together is great for bonding. If it goes hilariously wrong, just remind yourselves that it will make for a great story later.

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Plan ahead for trip events

Once you know where you want to go, check ahead to find out what other events are happening during your intended travel time. Timing is everything! If you were hoping to have a relaxing time at the beach and forgot that college students flock to the ocean during spring break like pigeons to breadcrumbs in New York City, then you’re in for an unhappy surprise. Cultural events, local holidays, and weather patterns are all things to consider when planning time away from home.

Imagine you’ve planned the perfect getaway – booked a room in a gorgeous boutique hotel, scheduled a couple’s massage, and reserved a table at a Michelin-starred restaurant. You’ve told everyone you know about your trip to make sure they can be appropriately jealous. Then, after all of this, you remember there is some other big life event happening at the same time… it doesn’t matter what it is because we’re just spitballing worst-case scenarios; you can fill in the blank with whatever un-reschedulable event you can think of. The point is – plan carefully. Immeasurable disappointment and embarrassment will ensue if the plans for your much-talked-about, much-needed, and much-anticipated vacation fall through. Be sure to consider all the other things going on in your busy lives so nothing gets in the way of this quality time.

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Budgeting is also important

We would remiss if we didn’t mention budgeting. Arguably the least fun aspect of any vacation plan (or of anything at all, actually) is the financial consideration. Not many of us can swing a private yacht charter to Seychelles, and while that would be an incredible trip, there are still plenty of amazing options if you’re working with a more realistic budget. Staycations can be just as romantic as any far-reaching travel destination. Schedule a long weekend at a local hotel that offers in-room spa services. Go on a day trip and hike to a natural waterslide. Things like art museums, cooking classes, and camping trips can all be romantic events. Be creative!


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You don’t need a big reason to take time to enjoy each other. Is it your six and a half week anniversary? The fourth Saturday since your last argument? Maybe you just met their parents. Or perhaps they replaced the toilet paper roll for the first time since you’ve lived together and this seemingly incredible feat deserves great fanfare! Whatever the occasion, it’s worth it. Any reason is a great reason for a celebration in the name of love, and what better way to celebrate than a romantic trip for two?

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