The Best Collections From Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020

Milan Fashion Week is one of the biggest moments in the fashion industry, and is one of our favorite fashion weeks of all time. The 2020 spread saw designers from across the world come together, and there are plenty of top collections set to hit the market for fall 2020.

The Best Collections From Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020


Prada has always led the way when it comes to teaming cultural movements and fashion, the fall 2020 collection didn’t disappoint. It features an array of outfits that look as though you have no interest in fashion while somehow being the most fashionable person in the room. Prada’s collection certainly isn’t here to play; it’s here to dominate.

Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana added their touch of grace to the entire week when the designers unleashed their fall collection. It features plenty of knitwear teamed with darker tones and plenty of grays. Stefano Gabbana said collection as the whole in “very Italian” and that they wanted to pay tribute to tradition with their new collection.

The Best Collections From Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020


There was a clear message with Fendi’s fall collection: from boardroom to bedroom. Every piece has been designed to add femininity and lust to pieces that can be worn at all times of the day. Fendi has also worked hard to make sure the cashmere overcoats and exposed shoulders were all to help people feel as though they are dressing up for themselves and no one else – and the message came through loud and clear.


While many designers look forward for inspiration, Gucci looked back. The fall 2020 collection has taken inspiration from childhood clothes, such as school uniforms, pinafore dresses, and any other “perfect” little girls’ clothes. These designs have been given a modern twist and are set to be some of the biggest trends of the season.

The Best Collections From Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020


Think ‘Alice and Wonderland’ meets Milan Fashion Week, and you have Marni’s fall 2020 collection. Tabards and coats worn over boot-cut pants and mini-skirts were everywhere as outfits came together from many different aspects. Every piece looks as though it’s been made from a collection of different clothes, and it all comes together perfectly.

Milan Fashion Week 2020 might have come to an end, but the fall collections are still set to make their mark on the fashion world. The best collections from the week sure do give us a lot to look forward to.