Victoria Beckham Goes Makeup Free to Show off New Skincare Product

Victoria Beckham is one of those women that can do everything. Not only does she have an epic musical career under her belt – after all, who can forget the Spice Girls? – but she also has a fashion line that has brought a whole new dimension to her success. In recent years, Victoria has also expanded her brand to include skincare products, and her latest product inspired a photo that has sent fans wild.

Going Natural

Thanks to her life in the limelight, her role as a WAG, and her life as “Posh Spice,” Victoria Beckham can normally be seen sporting a well-rounded makeup look. While she has never been one to go over-the-top with her war paint, that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t loved a good smokey eye as the years have gone by. Because of this, fans were amazed to see Victoria rocking a completely natural look in one of her latest Instagram posts.

VB x Augustinus Bader

On February 4th, 2020, the singer, fashion icon, and loving wife and mother posted about a new addition to her VB x Augustinus Bader skincare line. In an effort to expand her brand and showcase more of her talents, this new line of skincare has been added to her roster and seems to be doing well – but a little extra promotion never hurt anybody. To showcase her very first Power Serum, Victoria wanted to show how the product would leave your skin feeling “stronger and healthier” without you having to wear makeup. So, she donned her pajamas and a towel around her hair and posed with the new bottle.

Her natural look was a shock to those who rarely see her without makeup on, and fans commented in their droves to congratulate her healthy skin and her natural beauty. Almost 100,000 fans out of her 27.8 million followers double-tapped and liked the photo, and it seems as though they couldn’t help but smile at the new Victoria. However, many of them also used the opportunity to state that the $208 serum was perhaps a little too expensive…

With Victoria embracing her natural skin and going makeup-free, we can’t help but wonder if this is the start of a new natural revolution.