Relaxing in Miami


For years, Miami has always remained a naturally relaxing but completely vibrant destination. Whether you’re planning a bachelorette trip, a nearby girls’ weekend or a far-away getaway, Miami has something to offer for everyone. Many people go to Miami to let loose, but for the same reason, others often dread going if they’re simply looking to relax and take it easy instead. If you’re looking for a green juice instead of a cocktail, we’re here to shed light on the under-represented side of this city that allows people to regain some much-needed balance and unwind.

Book a room at the Metropolitan

In the Miami hotel landscape of pool ragers, excessive drinking, and pulsing music, the COMO Metropolitan is a tranquil safe haven. The music played poolside is calming, with full access provided to guests, unlike other venues that close off the pool for parties. With a focus on rejuvenation, hydrotherapy and spa treatments are offered at this hotel. Instead of cheap bar eats, guests are treated to delicious and nutritious food including tasty smoothies and Shambhala cooking. Spoil yourself with self-care at this must-see location that merges luxury with meditation.


Find your zen at Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Taking care of plants isn’t necessarily relaxing, but spending time around them is. Instead, jet off to this lush retreat within the city that spans 2.6 acres with its gorgeous Japanese garden, streaming water, bamboo, temples, and Instagram-worthy gazebo. It’s incredibly relaxing to be immersed in plants and has the added perk of free entrance. If you or the girls are in the mood for a light workout, consider taking the hatha yoga course which is offered weekly. Call in advance to check if the venue is booked for a party, as that would definitely affect the otherwise mellow vibe.


Set out to The Key

Ranked as the #1 place to live in Florida, Key Biscayne is completely peaceful and equally indulgent. Visitors can cycle, sunbathe on the beach, go swimming in the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, and witness some of the most beautiful views in the world. The mini-island is significantly less crowded than more touristy areas, allowing you to take a break from the stores and soak in the dreamy weather. Plus, parking will be less of a nightmare at this destination, allowing you to actually spend time on the sand rather than circling for hours.

Go see some nature in Jungle Island

Nature has an innate calm to it, and there’s no better place to get immersed in it than Jungle Island, which is a must for animal lovers visiting Miami. Jungle Island allows visitors to feed parrots, check out the petting zoo, and attend wildlife shows. If children will affect your ability to chill out, visit on off-peak hours. We suggest a weekday rather than a Saturday or Sunday. Additionally, try to avoid dates that schools usually have off.


Visit Ernest Hemingway’s House

This might be an odd suggestion, but visiting the Hemingway Home and Museum is both soothing and inspirational. Showcasing his home and celebrating his life’s work, the most unique aspect of this attraction is the fact that nearly 50 cats wander the property. They’re rumored to be related to Hemingway’s own cat. Fans of the famous author (and feline lovers) won’t want to miss out on this opportunity that’s brimming with creative energy.

Although it can be known as a party central, don’t let that fact overshadow the serene side of Miami, which undoubtedly exists although it’s not nearly as hyped up as the nightlife. Additionally, most of these activities are more budget-friendly than the partying and events that are offered as an alternative. We hope that these highlights entice you to go on a girlfriends’ getaway that showcases the more laid-back side of this sunshine-filled city.

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